16 March 2007

The Name Game

"How about this one?" Rodney asks pointing at the name "Hermione" in the baby name book.

I screw up my face and shake my head. "HER-me-own?" I say incredulously. "Yuck."

"It's Her-my-0h-knee," he says. "I think it's a name from mythology."

Later we learn that it's also the name of the female character in the Harry Potter series, but Rodney and I, being two of perhaps the four people on the planet who haven't read J.K. Rowling's books, don't know this.

Now that we know that we're having a girl, the task of choosing a name is slightly easier, but only slightly. We DO know that her middle name will be Kathryn, after my grandma. That leaves her with the initials _K.Y.

"Well, then "I" names are out," one of my coworkers points out.

I look at her quizzically.

"I.K.Y.? Kids will teaser her mercilessly."

So no "I" names. Isabelle and its varients, while beautiful, are too popular for our tastes. Although R and I both endured a certain amount of teasing because of our names--Hot Rod and the Avon Lady--we both love that our names are unusual without being outlandish.

We're looking everywhere for inspiration, including furniture catalogues. You no longer just buy a sofa; instead, you purchase the Cameron in Paprika. That's not a wingback chair: it's the Avery in Mocha. Looking for a modern bed? Ella in Airbrush may be for you! Finley, Delancey, and Grace can be seating options or your child's name!

Of course, we won't be cracking open the IKEA catalog for ideas. I just can't imagine yelling "Ektorp!" at the playground or scolding little Vreta for flushing her goldfish down the toilet.


Blogger Saskia said...

What about Sprout? Just kidding .. you will come up with a beautiful, unique (but not too unique) name ... Kevin and I had many, many arguments - er, I mean discussions - about names and then one day - Viola! - we both knew Harper was the name for Peanut.

I can't wait to meet Sprout, whatever beautiful name she will go by once she arrives.

6:22 PM  

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