28 February 2007

Faint Flutters

I felt Sprout kick for the first time a few weeks ago as I was on my way back from yoga class, steering wheel in one hand and butter croissant in the other---not an easy feat when driving a standard transmission car! Just as I was about to pass over Rt. 50, I felt a slight flutter in my stomach, like a butterfly brushing its wings against cupped hands.

So many new mothers mistake gas bubbles for baby kicks, so I didn't write about the feeling then, but I DID start eating more butter croissants, thinking that maybe Sprout was an aficionado. For days I'd feel nothing, and then there was that sensation again.

Well, last night, Sprout was wiggling around like crazy thanks to the some spinach and artichoke dip that didn't agree with me. As my stomach protested by emitting loud gurgles, Sprout performed somersaults inside. Can you imagine how loud a growling stomach must sound from the inside? I knew that this would be one of the few times at this point of my pregnancy (20 weeks) that R might feel Sprout, so I grabbed his hand and pressed it against my belly. Sprout obliged with a quick one-two combination, bringing a big, fat grin to R's face.

"I felt it!" he exclaimed.


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