27 January 2007

Like a Virgin (Drink, That Is)

The last drink I had was a glass of sherry at Jaleo in late October. Since then, ginger ale, water with lemon, and cranberry juice have been my default drinks. But those are so, well, snooozy. I'm pregnant, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to drink some creative nonalcoholic beverage while my friends linger over a glass of Viognier or slam down their Sam Adams.

Oh sure there's your Shirley Temple (nice if you're 12) or virgin daiquiries (really, only appropriate at TexMex restaurants), but I needed a slightly sophisticated virgin drink to quaff during happy hour.

"How about a virgin Manhattan?" my co-worker suggested.

My ears perked up. Manhattans are my drink of choice. But how do you fake blended whiskey and sweet vermouth? The truth is you can't, but here's a recipe I found online. It looks enough like a real drink that when the server placed it in front of me, my co-worker gave me a wide, incredulous look and said somewhat breathlessly, "You ordered a drink?!"

"Oh it's a virgin," I told her.

Ironic, though, I thought, patting my belly, that I'm drinking one because I'm not.

Virgin Manhattan
1/4 cup cranberry juice
1/4 cup orange juice
1/2 tsp cherry juice
1/4 tsp lemon juice
1 - 2 dashes orange bitters
Garnish with a cherry.

Tired of water with lemon? Try these resources or leave one of your own!


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