15 January 2007

Making a Person from Scratch

Even though I'd escaped the dreaded nausea associated with the first trimester, the exhaustion hit me hard. I've never been a nightowl, usually snuggling under the covers around 10:30 or 11 to read The New Yorker or whatever novel was sitting on my nightstand, but as a newly pregnant woman, I found myself checking the clock at 7:30 wondering if 8 p.m. was acceptable bedtime not just for four-year-olds but also 32-year-olds.

When Saskia was pregnant with Harper B. and complained about the constant exhaustion, her husband Kevin exclaimed, "Well of course you're tired: you're making a person from scratch!"

Caption for above photo: "I am the best wife in the whole wide world, but I am VERRRRRRRRRYYYYY sleepy because I am making a NEW PERSON!" .


Blogger Beth said...

this is quite possibly the cutest thing i've ever read. and the best part is i know there are more good things to come. Thank you for sharing your baby-blog with us! i cant wait to meet the sprout in july!

9:24 AM  
Anonymous tommy c. - tom@formulaearth.com said...

Hey Cuz' - just checking into your blog to see how you're holding up and if there's any new news or silly ramblings along the way.

Mom, Gram Vellotti, Patrick and I are all waiting eagerly to get a status update on the whole life creation process and your well-abouts.

cheers and hang in there, we're all pulling for you (more like heckling from the peanut gallery; but hey, its love all the same right?)

4:52 AM  

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