15 January 2007


R and I heard Sprout’s heartbeat for the first time on 20 December 2006. R almost didn’t make it, though. We left the house at the same time but in different cars, and when we arrived at the hospital, R couldn’t find me because I forgot my cell phone. Undeterred, he called every OB/GYN practice in the hospital until he found me. I was almost in tears telling Dr. McVeery that my husband couldn’t be there because we lost one another on the way here, when there was a knock at the door and my tall, dark handsome guy strode in. If I was a gymnast, I would’ve done flipflops. The idea of his missing hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time almost broke my heart.

Dr. McVerry spread that cool jelly on my belly and moved that paddle around until we heard the heartbeat, like the sound of the world’s tiniest horse galloping.

“It’s in the 170s, where it should be,” she said smiling.


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