27 January 2007

Pink or Blue? Or, "Remember Baltimore?"

"Should we find out if we're having a girl or boy?" I ask Rodney.

"Yes, we should definitely find out. I can't wait," he replies.

"I don't know. Maybe it'd be fun to wait and see," I suggest.

That's when he shoots me the I-don't-think-so-look: one dark brown eyebrow cocked, head tilted down, and the left corner of his thin lips upturned.

"Remember Baltimore?"

I groan and nod.

To celebrate my 25th birthday, Rodney announced that he was taking me on a special trip to an undisclosed location. The night before we left, I laid awake, tangled in the sheets thumbing through all the possibilities -- a day trip to Charlottesville? A jaunt to Rehoboth? A whirlwind weekend in the Caribbean? The alarm clocked glowed 3:30 a.m. before my heavy lids shut.

The next morning he revealed that we were spending a romantic evening in Baltimore. He'd booked a hotel within walking distance of the Inner Harbor and made reservations at great little Italian restaurant. I wish I could say I had a delightful weekend, but the truth is I can't tell you a thing because I was too exhausted from staying up the night before. The chianti we had with dinner may as well have been Nyquil.

So, me and surprises...Mmm, not so much. We find out if Sprout is a girl or a boy on March 1.


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