10 May 2009

Happy Mama's Day!

I didn't know that the Terrible Twos are a misnomer, but I guess they have a better ring than the Terrible 18-24-Month-Olds. I really miss my sweet little baby lump who didn't move and was content to lay in her bucket while I shopped.

Yesterday she laid waste to the toddler shoe section of Target, refusing to try on anything but a tiny princess-ey jelly slipper before escaping from my clutches with one size 7 high-heeled, straw sandal. Frantic, I zoomed after her and panicked for about three seconds before I heard the shrieking. I followed the cries to Children's Clothing where I found her lying face down in the carpet done in by the very sandal that had abetted her escape.

Two minutes later, she threw another fit (she couldn't comprehend that removing all the bathing suits from the rack and throwing them on the ground is frowned upon), and tried to crawl away from me.

Did I mention that she took a swat at me and beat Will over the head with a block the day before?

Did I mention that she won't eat anything but fruit and ice cream and pasta and pizza?

Did I mention that she crawled through the frozen food aisles of Safeway in non-violent toddler protest because I wouldn't let her stand in the shopping cart and dance on the yogurt and cereal?

Did I mention that my child IS the biter?

However, even though I cannot wait for her to go to bed at night, I also cannot wait to see her face every morning.


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