04 August 2009

Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Rodney's mom told me that when Rodney was little he was terrified of loud noises. One Fourth of July, his dad had to bring him home just as the fireworks began because the noise was just too intense.

Well somebody has inherited her daddy's sensitivity to sound, and regular exposure to these things has yet to ease her anxiety.

The first perp:

When I grind my beans, or if we step foot in a coffeehouse, Zora does this:

She's particularly disenchanted with loud, red items like Frank, the bellowing combine, from Cars,

Tickle Me Elmo,
and our vacuum cleaner.


Anonymous Auntie Sue said...

Btw, it might just be an 'age' thing. When Tommy was 2 he hated the clowns that used to be in front of Wendy's or anyone in a Halloween costume, wouldn't go near the cows or moving animals at Stew's, and at 5 we had to leave the fireworks in Darien. He also wouldn't go to any carnivals or fairs until he was 11 or 12. I thought he was just being a brat until another mother suggested the age thing! lol

7:54 PM  

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