20 July 2009

Mama vs. Mango

After a fun-filled weekend with mama and daddy (biking, swimming, bus ride, train ride, museums), Zora was reluctant to part with me this morning.

"Mama!" she cried, reaching her ever-growing arms toward me.

I don't like seeing her upset, but I have to admit I do like being #1. Mama is still imbued with magical qualities. I cure boo boos with a single kiss, banish alligators from under the bed with my mere presence, and dry up tears with a hug.

But apparently I am no match for a bag of frozen mango chunks.

"Zora," Mauricia called, "You like mango for breakfast?"

"Mango?" Zora repeated.

"Yes!" Mauricia removed the bag from the freezer and shook it temptingly.

Zora looked at me and smiled. "Bye, Mama!"

Mango: 1, Mama: 0


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