06 July 2009

Quiz: Are You a Normal Two-Year Old?

  1. Do you think that broccoli makes a fine tool for smearing mustard on the table?
  2. Do you think a pool noodle is really a large edible noodle that doubles as a pool toy?
  3. Are you prone to launching yourself from a booster seat after eating one microgram of your dinner and landing half on the table and half on your mother's lap and knocking over a glass of water in the process?
  4. Do you frequently hear the word "No" followed by your name?
  5. Are you obsessed with the movie "Cars?"
  6. Do you mispronounce the aforementioned movie? "Cows" rather than "Cars"?
  7. Do your parents call you The Girl Who Cried Poop because you say "poop" when you really mean pee?
  8. You've been given pineapple for the first time and do not like it. How do you dispose of it?
  9. a. You make a funny face and spit it out.
    b. You make a funny face, spit it into your hands, then throw it on the floor.
    c. You spit it into your hands then regift it to Mama.
    d. All of the above.

  10. Do you find the vacuum cleaner and Tickle Me Elmo scary as all get out?
  11. Is your skin littered with band aids that cover imaginary and scabbed over boo boos?
  12. True or False: Drama is your middle name?
If you answered "yes" or "true" to more than three of this, then you are exhibiting traits of Zora Young, Toddler Extraordinaire.


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