15 October 2008

What I Know: ~15 Months

Vocabulary List

Mama: Mommy or Daddy (all purpose parent); once even Tony(!)

Meme: Mommy

DA-bee: Strawberry

Agua: Any liquid including water, milk and juice; also refers to any fountain.

Sheews: shoes

Mo: more (tapping right index finger in left palm)

All da: all done (arms flapping wildly)

Bee: ball

Ba ba bamph: bottle

Neigh neigh neigh: no way!

Cheez: cheese

Hieeeeee: Hi!

Dada: Daddy

Beeee: beep (emitted when in traffic or when the microwaves sounds off)

Animal Sounds

mmmmm: cow

ba: sheep

mleow mleow mleow: cat or any unidentified furry creature including skunks, dogs,

[pant, pant]: dog

oo oo: gorilla/monkey (beats on chest)

Tssss: snake


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