17 September 2008

Could We Be "The Incredibles"?

Nobody told us that becoming parents involves the discovery of certain superpowers. I'm not talking about spiderwebs shooting out of our wrists (though how incredibly useful would that be with a toddler testing gravity at every turn?) or the ability to turn into purple ape or an bucket of water (Zan and Jayne, anyone?).

Some superpowers are imagined. For example, whenever I cross with street with Zora, I glare at every car within a 50-yard radius imagining that I, like Superman, have the ability to incinerate objects with my x-ray vision.

But some abilities are very real. Since Zora's birth, we've learned that we can fly (over to a toddler who is about to fall down a flight of stairs), and we can vanish (before the onset of object permanence). Rodney has developed an ability to see the future. If there is a glass of water sitting on the counter, he knows that a certain redhead will toddler over, announce "agua!", and knock the glass over. Amazing, right?


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