08 September 2008

Introducing Daddy 2.0

"Mama? Mama!"

Zora wants all Mama all the time, and Rodney takes this preference in stride. After being dissed yet again, he announces in his best voice-over baritone:

"You might remember him from such greats as,'Getting Up at 2 in the morning' and its riveting sequel, 'Getting Up at 3 in the morning.'

He pauses for effect.

"He is a valid alternative to Mommy. Olestra -- without the gastrointestinal distress. He is Daddy 2.0. Look for him at a high chair near you!" Rodney looks quite pleased with himself.

I laugh. Zora grins, then looks at me and says, "Mama?"

Rodney shrugs and sighs. "I tried."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS! We are going through the opposite at our house. "Ded", "DED", "DADA!!!!" I still get the smiles and the cuddles though...

12:33 PM  

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