20 April 2008

I Heart Cheerios

Scene: Post lunch in the high chair. Zora has garden vegetable puree smeared across her cheeks and chin and paws. There are Cheerios everywhere.

Rodney (brandishing a diaper wipe): Zora.

Zora studiously ignores him and palms a few Cheerios.

Rodney: Zooraa!

Then, lightening quick, he strikes like a bird of prey wiping the melange of veggies from her face. Zora scowls and shakes her head from side to side. Next he tackles the paws, which are balled up into two pink defiant fists.

Rodney: Zora, open your hands.

No luck. He tries to pry them open.

Rodney: Kiddo, release your kung-fu grip!

Zora (in an apparent homage to the late Charleton Heston): Out of my cold, dead hands!

But Daddy triumphs and unfurls her little fingers. Two Cheerios pop out, one for each fist.


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