26 March 2008

Lurve at First Sight

This past weekend we hiked up to Connecticut to check in on my mom and visit with my cousin Tom and his girlffriend Kelly. Normally, Zora is a bit skittish around new folks. She stares at them suspiciously with her dark eyes or buries her head in my shoulder. If forced to sit in a foreign lap, tears are a real possibility.

Not so with her Uncle Tom. It was lurve at first sight.

He flashed a grin her way.
She returned the smile.
He poked her belly with a big foam bolster he uses for exercise.
She outright giggled.

You can see the evidence on this nifty slideshow Tom pulled together.


Anonymous uncle thummas :) said...

oh believe me, she's not the only one fawning over a new lurve... oh how I miss my little Z. Looking forward to our next encounter...

2:23 AM  

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