08 November 2007

Before and After

Bedtime on Saturday night
Before: 1 a.m.
After: 9 p.m. (that's after one afternoon nap for Mommy)

Preferred Drink
Before: Maker's Mark Manhattan
After: Enfamil Lipil

Before: Freshly ground Jamaican Blue Mountain beans brewed in a french press
After: 1/4 cup of Folger's instant coffee

Dinner Conversations
Before: Hillary or Obama; the last "Talk of Town" column in The New Yorker; why Thomas Pynchon is overrated
After: Who has the energy to talk? We're watching "The Daily Show" on the couch.

What's for Dinner?
Before: Tilapia in red curry with french green beans, jasmine rice and a glass of Perseco
After: Manwich on potato rolls

Frequently Visited Websites
Before: The New York Times, Arts and Letters Daily, Go Fug Yourself, New York Magazine, SlashDot
After: DC Urban Moms, Babycenter.com, Babies R Us


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