27 December 2009

Well, They're Not Cerberus

Mama, I'm a scared of the puppies.
Mama, I'm a scared of the kitty.
Mama, where's the dragon?
Mama, I'm a scared. (When the lights go dim in a cartoon)
Mama, I'm a scared. (When the sharks in Finding Nemo appear)
Mama! (When Frank from Cars bellows his way into the scene)

My fearless little girl who used to embrace dogs five times her size now finds the world a spooky place. And not just when the scary music cues. Danger lurks everywhere, even in Tickle Me Elmo who I donated to charity because for Zora, the line between real and make-believe is still pretty blurry. Elmo may as well have been Chuckie.

New situations conjure up more of these anxieties. Right now we're battling an intense fear of Biggie and Max, two miniature daschunds my in-laws own. Harper, Zora's cousin and consummate consoler tried her best to allay Zora's fears.

"Don't worry, Zora," Harper said, "Biggie is a nice doggie. She won't bite you."

Zora looked nonplussed.

"But Max bites," Harper continued earnestly. "He's nervous."

The truth is not setting Zora free. She keeps her tiny toes tucked under bum her at all times.


Blogger Barb said...

My eldest HATED Disneyworld at age 3. It was all the "dark" rides. She cried at fireworks... she did grow out of it though.

3:50 PM  

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