02 November 2009

How I Know Zora Is Rodney's Daughter

  1. Until she turned two, she looked more like him than me.
  2. They have the same blood type: A+.
  3. Both feature long legs and cold feet.
  4. Both are extremely sensitive to noise.
  5. Both go around closing doors that I leave open. Yesterday, after taking butter out of the fridge, Zora made me reopen the fridge so that she could close the butter bin door.
  6. During music class, while other children are busy banging, shaking or chewing on their maracas, Zora is forming a neat row with hers.
  7. Buttons cannot be left undone, nor zippers unzipped. Halfway doesn't cut it, either. All seven of Zora's vest buttons needed to be snapped before we could leave the house this morning. Not five. Not six. All seven.
  8. They share the same absurd sense of humor. They've spent entire dinners giggling over phrases like "Effalant toot in the soup!" "Effalant poop in the soup!"
  9. Both enjoy pinching my bum.
  10. Rodney and Zora have the most amazing, deep, in-the-moment, laugh -- it's positively infectious.


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