14 September 2009

Salon Uggie

When people ask me if I cut my hair, I can guarantee you one of two things: 1) I DID get my hair cut and I'm riding on that post-salon, blow-out high, or 2) I washed my hair. Today's good hair compliments stemmed from my Saturday trip to Salon L'Eau where Carey worked magic with her shears. While she was at it, I asked her to trim Zora's shaggy head. Of course, Zora needed a wash first, and the lovely shampooist was happy to oblige.

"Self" Zora said as she hoisted herself up on the three zebra striped and textured pillows that the shampooist had placed on the chair so her little noggin would be above sink height. Then, Z squeezed her eyes shut. Ready.

She had so much fun that she enticed Uggie to try it out.

Then she and Daddy worked out a nasty case of the sillies while the stylist cut Mama's hair.


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