05 January 2009

What I Know: 17 Months

Key Vocabulary Words
  • Mas? (right index finger pointing at left palm): more?
  • What's dat?: what's that?
  • Peez (rubbing tummy in circular motion)?: please?
  • Meecia: Mauricia
  • Toonoo: Tony
  • Wa: Will
  • Harpo/Harpie: Harper
  • Paci: paci
  • Fshhhhh: fish (real and cracker)
  • Ah-wah: agua (water)
  • Pie: pie
  • Cah: car (very Bostonian accent)

Favorite Tricks
  • Eating chocolate cuppy cake crumbs out of her diaper.
  • Clinking glass to sippy cup and saying with a big smile, "cheese."
  • Helping Mama "wipe" by providing toilet tissue.
  • Hurling plastic cows across the room.
  • Going "boneless" on the sidewalk in front of Best Buns on a soggy day. (She wanted to go right, I wanted to go left).

Favorite Music
  • Theme song to Benny Hill (courtesy of a stuffed reindeer wearing a Santa hat).
  • Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake)
  • Salsa
  • La donna é mobile


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