31 May 2008

Craig's List = P.I.T.A. (Pain in the Arse)

Why are people who respond to your Craig's List ad so flakey? As a new mom, I've made a concerted effort to buy used and sell Zora's cast-offs on Craig's List. I've even joined the local Free-Cycle to dispense with extra diapers and such.

No more.

Because I am a new mom, my time is valuable. More valuable than a full tank of gas in a Hummer. More valuable than gold on the commodities market. The other morning, Zora snoozed for an extra hour, and I was panicked. "Extra time!? Should I take a nap? Do the laundry? Flop on the couch and read a trashy magazine? Flop on the couch and read a 'smart' magazine? Watch Oprah?" The pressure was palpable. "Use your time well," a sage voice intoned, like something Yoda would say to Luke Skywalker.

But back to my rant. I've had folks reject my wares because my exersaucer was "scented" (it wasn't) and the carseat didn't match the stroller (the horror, the horror). Others said they'd come to pick up 30-some-odd Size 2 diapers and never showed up. In the meantime, I turned down numerous other offers. I gave up afternoon walks. I surrendered my most valuable asset besides Zora: my time.

So: I solemnly swear to NEVER post on Craig's List or Freecycle again. I will only donate my goods to Goodwill or an organization who can really use the stuff.


Anonymous Eric said...

Hmmm...Michelle & I are just starting to use Craigslist for furniture for our apartment. After reading this I'll make sure I'm respectful of people's time! :-)

6:26 PM  

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