18 December 2007

A Bassinet Built for Two

Zora: OMG.
Will: I know, I can't believe those are our parents.

Yes, Zora and Will are only about five and four months old respectively, and they are already giving us The Look. And we thought we'd have to wait until they hit puberty before they became thoroughly embarrassed by us.

In our defense, Zora and Will did look ridiculously cute hanging out in the bassinet, kind of like a heap of hamsters snoozing comfortably together--Will cooing and purring like a miniature Chewbacca (Tony and Jodi coined that one!), Zora pumping her little legs and crowing to be picked up. Of course, Tony, Mauricia and I crowded around them snapping photos and squealing like the infant paparazzi we are. Who wouldn't??


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