14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

12 February 2008

Me, Mauricia and Will

Overheard in the Bedroom

Zora's at that stage where EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. Keys, glasses, junk mail: nothing is safe from her gaping gummy maw.

So naturally, the empty plastic and foil birth control package sitting on my bedside table struck Zora as a delightful treat.

Shiny? Check.
Crinkly? Check.

As her little tongue traveled the grooves along the blister packaging, Rodney glanced over and offered this warning:

Be careful, baby girl. If you eat one of those you might disappear!

I Have a Colb in My Nobes

It's official: Zora has contracted her first cold. The whole stuffy nose situation makes sucking on her pacifer (a.k.a. her BFF) or downing her formula frappucinos a bit more challenging; however, the wee girl is taking her bout with the rhinovirus in stride. With her funky new leg warmers (yes, those are little skulls and crossbones), she can sniffle in style.

01 February 2008

Apples and Mangoes

Now that Zora is a big girl (a whole six months old!), her taste buds are ready for more than her usual formula frappuccino. Who knew that apples and mangoes could be such a flavor zinger?